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Brian Hunter's New Fund Looks To Make Money, Delight With Chocolatey Aftertaste

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CNBC has just reported that famed Amaranth trader and icthyophile Brian Hunter is starting his own hedge fund to be called “Solengo,” like the wine. Run out of Calgary, Alberta and Greenwich, CT, “Solgengo” is still hiring traders and seeking money for a series of funds across the commodities space, an area that Hunter is still apparently “very comfortable in,” even after that little snafu that happened last year. For “Solengo,” Hunter has wrangled former Amaranth energy traders Shane Lee and Matthew Calhoun, as well as former quantitative analyst for risk management, Karl Koster.
“Solgengo,” potential investors should note, is a wine whose “concentrated aromas of berries and chocolate make the aftertaste last for minutes.” Its color is deep ruby to purple, with a captivating, rich, dense nose, replete with “ripe fruits and sweet spicy aromas. The palate is structured and “temerped by silky tannis.” A sometime wine writer and DB director of beverages notes that “Solengo” is a “California monster,” a description from which there is much to extrapolate: Hubris. Inferiority complex vis-avis better quality European wines. A need to crush everything in its path. And things of that nature.
On a related note, we’ll be starting our own hedge fund in Second Life later this year called Franzia. More info TK.
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