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Carry-Trades, Interest And Lack Of Interest

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Yesterday the Wall Street Journal carried a long item explaining the yen-carry trade in question-and-answer format. (You know, kind of like our Q&A on Backdating.) It was useful if a bit boring. (But, if you read it aloud in the voice of Mr. Miyagi from the Karate Kid it was much, much funnier. Wax-on. Carry-off.)
But if you did spend some time figuring out the carry-trade, you might have wasted your time. This morning the Journal is running an article explaining why there's a little too much attention on this whole yen-carry trade thing. And, as we found out last night at the bar at Ulysses, everything you know about the yen-carry trade is absolutely useless for impressing members of the opposite sex. We got more of a laugh out of explaining why Atkins was our favorite SEC Commissioner.

Understanding the Carry Trade
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'Carry Trade' Doesn't Carry All the Blame
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