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CNBC Gets Animated

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Executives at CNBC have finally come up with a way to prove that they’re more than just a cable channel that is cool with putting people on the air who commit crimes (Cramer), go down on sources (Bartiromo), and appear in movies starring Jack Nicholson and Adam Sandler (McEnroe): an animated series.
The half-hour show would be (they’re still “in talks,” as they say) based on the comic strip “CEO Dad,” whose protagonist is Frank Pitt, chief exec of a Styrofoam peanut manufacturer in Pennsylvania, trying to “balance work life and home life” with a gaggle of supporting characters that include wife Chloe, 10 year-old son J.D., 7 year-old daughter Grace and dog Taylor. His family believes, as parasitic families hell-bent on stealing the best years of one’s life are wont to do, he’s “more focused on work than home life.”
The show would be EP’d by Bob Balaban (“For Your Consideration,” “A Mighty Wind” and “Gosford Park”), with Matt Goldman (“Seinfeld,” “Ellen”) and Tom Stern (whose comic strip the series is based on) heading up the writing team.
We’re cautiously optimistic about his new venture. Cautiously because the show sounds like it’s going to be a derivative of “American Dad,” only without crazy right-wing conservatives and an effete, lippy alien (those are the best). Optimistic because it’ll be one less timeslot where we risk turing on the TV and seeing Kilty McDrunkerson on the screen. Or is it?
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