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RE:Getting To Know You
Lord Marchmain: Aren't "Beta Fish" those haggard, pathetic-looking creatures sold in pet shops that sit motionless in their stagnant aquarium bowls for hours at a time...? If so, ouch!
RE:Getting To Know You
Zbignew: I cast one write in vote for "If John Carney were an animal, he would be a pangolin."
RE:BREAKING NEWS - Church Involved in Backdating Scandal
Culprit: Please change the name of your website to Everyday there is at least one post on backdating. Seriously, its only mildly significant and surely does not merit 257869 posts by Carney and Bess.
RE:Marc Rich’s Lawyer Convicted!
S. Flyte: I'm amused to read that you chaps (and chapettes) at are drinking Chateau Mouton Rothschild. It indicates good taste. But it also helps explain the occasionally incoherent, sloppily-written posts.
RE: Extorted Exec Mystery Solved!
KAt coulter: oh really bitch? cause it was me that wrote those so if u want to blame those on the family then go ahead casue then ur [sic] dissing my family