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RE: Hedge Fund To DealBreaker: Please Shut Up!
Anonymous: You guys are assholes. really. Just let them move on already. Why do you get pleasure in mocking people who are trying to get on with their lives?
RE: The Famed Solengo Brochure
Larry: I wish I could put money in this fund.He will do great. He is a great trader. Now that his ego has been checked his best days are ahead!!!!!!
RE: Solengo Imbroglio: A Plausible Theory
Percy Walker: Securities Law 101:
1. Fund Manager to Potential Investor to Media = OK (but lawyer will advise you to pretend like you give a shit that it was disclosed).
2. Fund Manger to Media = Not OK (Must "cool off" to continue with offering (up to 6 months if your lawyer is extremely anal and the disclosure particularly flattering)).
Old media trick: call manager to confirm that poor performance numbers you are about to publish are correct. Un-savvy manager will give actual performance numbers to avoid disclosure of unflattering info. and unwittingly force delay in its offering.
RE: Hedge Fund To DealBreaker: Please Shut Up!
anon: Did the Reuters article get your name wrong? I thought it was Bess Levin, not Beth Levin.
RE: Extorted Mystery Exec Solved!
Current PBG Employee: The IT dept should have caught Gary using the co computer for perv activities. They don't seem too competent to me.
RE: Solegno Seeks Court Order To Strip DealBreaker Of Brochure
Bend5: I don't know why their brochure didn't include a picture of the guy holding a big fish?