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Conrad Black Defense's Routine Needs Tweaking

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Edward Greenspan, Conrad Black’s attorney, is finding out the hard way that his brand of humor doesn’t necessarily translate on American soil. Greenspan, whose personal cross to bear is that he’s been labeled one of the “most famous lawyers in Canada” and whose nickname is, no joke, “Fast Eddie,” was taken to task by Judge Amy St. Eve for “making tongue-in-cheek” remarks about his treatment as a foreigner in America’s legal system.” Black’s set included bits such as “I love that I've been officially certified as stupid by the Illinois judge" (told to the Times) and “[I’m] so stupid [that] no matter how incompetent I may be, Conrad can’t rely on it [as an excuse].” The judge, not a fan of Mr. Eddie’s Cona-esque sensibilities, lambasted Fast Eddie yesterday in front of a full house, telling him, “You have reportedly made a statement that I've certified you as stupid…that…is patently wrong. If you were stupid, you wouldn't be here. To the extent that you were under that impression, you were patently wrong."
Black claimed that the barbs at his own expense were taken out of context and that he “meant it purely with a sense of humor.” He then turned to the court and asked, “What’s the deal with this judge, huh? What is she, fresh from the Amelia Bedelia School of Comedy?” and pantomimed “Cut It Out” when the laughter reached an acceptable decibel. Greenspan then told the audience "There's plenty more where that came from" and instructed them to refer to his website for a comprehensive list of tour dates.
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