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Conrad Black Has No Plans To End Up Shot In His Own Pool

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Conrad Black wants us to know that he is not Jay Gatsby.
More specifically, he has no plans to end up ruined at murdered, the end met by the title character in F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel "The Great Gatsby." The "don't shoot me" protest arose after journalist William Rees-Mogg published a supportive essay comparing his friend to the literary figure.
Black, who is on trial in Chicago for looting the company he controlled, protests.

I understand he meant well by his reference to The Great Gatsby, but Gatsby was an amiable charlatan who ended up being murdered in his own swimming pool. I accept the sentiment but not the analogy. Lord Rees-Mogg seems to imagine that while I may well be acquitted, my world has somewhat imploded, like Gatsby’s. I don’t think so.

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