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David Weidner Knows Why Blackstone’s Going Public

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And it’s not because of money or the government or a promise he made to a hooker in 1983 on Avenue C. Nor is it because stock would “allow executives to ‘cash out,’ would provide another means of compensation and would give the firm another currency to use in deals,” justifications that Weidner regards as “weak.”
No, this is all happening because of Stevphen’s recently acquired ego, one that could blow Donald Trump’s hairpiece out of the water. The reason David knows this, is that a search on Factiva reveals that since January 1, 1985, Schwarzman name has been referenced 901 times. One third of those references have been made in the last sixth months. (Weider also notes that 36 of those references have used the misspelled “Schwartzman,” to say nothing of the fact that the Market Watch article calls him “Steven.” Coincidence? We think not). Potential shareholders—you’ve been warned.
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