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DealBreaker Spies At LSO Party

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This past Saturday, a party was thrown to celebrate Leveraged Sell-Out's book deal. While we're eagerly looking forward to the book, not one member of the regular DealBreaker team made it to the party. But a DealBreaker has spies everywhere and this afternoon we debriefed the pretty blond girl with the cute Southern accent who we sent to represent our team.
DealBreaker: What was that LSO party like?
SouthernBelle: sort of a weird crowd
SouthernBelle: not many peeps i knew and young.
i also remember the following: enrique iglesias was playing
SouthernBelle: and someone actually name-dropped [Gawker media boss] lockhart steele
DealBreaker: Why did you agree to go the party?
SouthernBelle: I was wooed with the promise of free drinks
SouthernBelle: plus I liked my outfit too much to call it a night
DealBreaker: What was the highlight of the party?
SouthernBelle: that it was a party for a hipster, faux-banker populated by actual bankers pretending to be hipsters…mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the faux-est of them all…
SouthernBelle: From the cheering it seems like most people's highlight was when Don't Turn Out the Lights came on
DealBreaker: What as the lowlight?
SouthernBelle: lowlight: no soda to mix my vodka with
SouthernBelle: oh, and the point where a girl accused me of sleeping with you to get ahead in the blogger world. if i'm going to social climb through beds, it certainly won't be through blogger beds
SouthernBelle: also the influx of the guys in ties with awful pick up lines and girls who looked like they came straight from jersey
SouthernBelle: that's when i left
DealBreaker: Thanks. I guess that's where we'll leave off as well.