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DealBreaker's Scheme To Win the CNBC Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge

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Last week CNBC began its latest portfolio challenge. We usually ignore these things. But yesterday they got out attention by revealing that each of their daily programs was joining the competition, led by a celebrity "team leader."
Well, if the CNBC boys and girls can play to win, why not DealBreaker? We aren't really interested in celebrity trading partners, especially since most of the people we treat as celebrities around here—people with names like Paulson, Krawcheck, Grasso, Cohen and Kravis—are probably a bit too busy to help us win a television faux trading contest. (Well, Jeff Skilling has a lot of free time but federal prisons have poor access to market information.)
So who should be our team leader? We thought long and hard about this last night. And when we say "we thought" we meant "we drank." At the end of the night we decided that the task is so important we are obliged to turn it over to the smartest folks we know—you.
So we're signing up DealBreaker as a participant, and we're going to let you pick our stocks and trades. It begins today. In comments and emails to (be sure to include the subject line: "portfolio challenge"), please leave your initial picks and strategy suggestions. We're already one week into the ten week contest, which puts us at an advantage—we haven't lost a thing.
We're pretty sure that the collective wisdom of DealBreaker's readership should be able to score pretty well in this contest. So get out those suggestions and let's start winning this thing. We'll keep you posted through the contest as to how Team DealBreaker is doing.