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Glitch Tuesday, Revisited

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According to the homeless guy asking for change outside our buildingBrandweek, every time Vanity Fair ad pages hit a record high, the stock market crashes. They’ve come to this conclusion based on a “highly scientific study by Short Takes” (and a bucket of crystal meth).

VF's March 2007 Hollywood edition ("Our Biggest Issue Ever!") clocked in at 500 pages. During the week of Feb 26, 2007, the Dow Jones Industrial Average collapsed, from 12,647 to 12,114. (Remember that the magazine hits the streets the month before its pub date). VF's previous largest issue was its April 2001 Hollywood edition, with 430 pages. In the week of March 19, 2001, the Dow tanked from 9,820 to 9,504. (By September it was at 8,235). Another example? The largest VF prior to 2001 was the September 2000 edition, at 396 pages. Lo and behold, in the week of Oct. 16, 2000, the Dow plummeted from 10,801 to 10,279. Now you know when to sell.

The Dead Horse statisticians have also determined a correlation coefficient of 1 between Graydon Carter’s girth and McDonald’s stock.
Vanity Fair Ad Pages Predict Stock Slumps [BrandWeek via Gawker]