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Goldman Sachs Employees Continue To Earn Keep, Bonuses

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We realize the inherent hypocrisy of us mocking another for his/her "innappropriate use of a company computer" (our workday is divided equally between and online betting, in case you were wondering) but it's like we always say, "When has inherent hypocrisy ever stopped us before?" (This is Dealbreaker, for god's sake. We're not exactly waiting on those humanitarian awards, deserve them as we may). With that, we give you Charles, an Oxford University (Christ College) grad employed in Fixed Income Structuring at Goldman Sachs, who apparently lives with a crippling (or not so much) addiction to Facebook, and who, most recently, counts himself among those with a blatant disregard for flaccid threats emitted from the trolls in IT. Basically, he's us, but without the meth problem. We're not sure whether to put him in time-out or buy him a drink (on John, natch). At the very least, we'll be sending him a friend request