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Greenwich's Hedge Fund Billionaires

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DealBreaker's Greenwich branch office points out that three local hedge fund kings have made the Forbes list of billionaires. They are, of course, exactly who you'd expect.
Topping the list of Greenwich hedge fund billionaires is Eddie Lampert. He lays claim to a net worth of $4.5 billion, according to Forbes.
Next is SAC Capital's Stevie Cohen. Net worth $3 billion.
Poor Paul Tudor Jones II (pictured left) falls last on the list of Greenwich's hedge fund billionaires, with only $2.5 billion. But he's moving on up. Last year he was listed at just $2 billion. And Paul can draw further consolation from the fact that he is not the poorest billionaire in Greenwich. That honor jointly belongs to a widow named Mary Anselmo and some guy called Richard Fuld who runs something called Lehman Brothers.

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