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Happy Birthday DealBreaker!

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Today marks the one year anniversary of the launch of DealBreaker. We started under the theory that greed is good entertaining and the past year has certainly borne that out.
We also suspected that there were plenty of stories lurking on Wall Street and on the streets and behind the hedges of Greenwich that deserved to be told. And, usually, made fun of. That has turned out to be truer than we could have ever hoped.
We’ve grown over the past year, and changed in little ways. We’ve lost our superman stytle mascot—Mr. DealBreaker—and cleaned up the look of the site. Elizabeth still oversees operations, David Minkin still manages the show and tells advertisers where on our website we'll let them hawk their wares, Joe wakes up earlier than everyone else, we’ve got Bess now, and a guy named John Carney showed up one day to poke fun of Donald Trump. Somehow he never left.
Much of our success has come from little Dutch boys who occasionally take their fingers out of the Chinese Walls that hold up our great financial institutions and send an email to tips(at)dealbreaker(dot)com. This day is officially dedicated to you guys, our sources. We couldn’t have done it without you. Thanks so much. And please keep them coming. No story is too small—from the fifth floor copier that lights on fire in the compliance office to the worst experience you've ever had riding in a town car on the way home from work—and certainly no story is too large.
So happy birthday to us! And thanks to everyone who helped make this happen.