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Help Us Take Down The Preacher Man Today

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So: The Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge and, more importantly, yours and our participation in it. Not sure if we made this clear earlier, but we’re not in this to make friends, we’re in this to make money. Living in New York is expensive and links can only get you so far. We don’t like to be optimistic so in a cautiously optimistic voice, we’ll share this amazing news with you: we’re already ahead of “Celeb Trader” Willie Garson. That’s right—Stanford, from Sex and the City! And we did it with your help. Earlier this morning a reader advised us:

…to win this stupid contest [Ed.’s note on CNBC’s behalf: hey!] you are going to need a stock that has the potential to triple in a couple of months. So I propose Doral Financial of Puerto Rico. DRL on the NYSE. It’s a Puerto Rican bank that has been embroiled in an accounting scandal related to some improper MBS transactions. The stock has gone from $50 to $1 in about 14 months. Not a widows and orphans stock, but there is supposedly about $4 of book value per share left at the bank.

Now we want to hear what the rest of you have to say. The dude from SATC is a nice start but we can do better. We’re guessing that most of you out there like more tangible goals than some cheerleader-y BS like “Let’s win this thing!” so here it is: Stephen Collins. Yes, the father from 7th Heaven. We’ve mentioned him before and now we’re telling you this: we need to beat this guy. No. We need to destroy him. Why? Because he drove Jessica Biel to pornography so she could get out of her contract with The WB (actually we’re told by some in the office that this was a good thing but we’re too deep into this to turn back now so Stephen Collins it is), that’s why. Let's dothisthing.