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I Would Like The Most Blinged Out SuperJet Available

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The super-wealthy are already in competition for who has the biggest, most-blinged out yacht. So why not planes? Joe Sharkey last covered the issue of “mine plane needs to be bigger” in the Times with a story on how some of the biggest ballers were trading up from those cramped, tiny corporate jets to converted commercial jets, including 747s.
Of course it was only a matter of time until someone set their eyes on the new generation of superjumbojets. At least one has already been ordered by a wealthy individual, so you know more are on the way. The price tag for an Airbus A380—the biggest passenger jet ever built—is merely $310 million—which is only four times what the average super yacht costs (if there is such thing as an average super yacht). But that’s for the stripped down version—getting it up to mega mogul speed will take around $100 million
(By the way, if this sort of story sounds vaguely familiar, it’s probably because you read it before on
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