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Investors In Brian Hunter’s New Hedge Fund Can Opt Out Of Brian Hunter

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Details are emerging about the funds managed by the hedge fund reportedly founded by Brian Hunter, the energy trader who became famous when his natural gas bets helped topple Amaranth Advisors just six months ago. Notable features of the fund they are calling Solengo: quick exits for investors if portfolio managers cross risk control lines and the ability to opt out of funds managed by Brian Hunter himself. (We’re cribbing all this from Ann Davis, the Wall Street Journalreporter who had the cover story interview with Hunter shortly after news broke of Amaranth’s woes. The closest we’ve ever been to Hunter is hearing he ate at Sparks. Maybe he’s pissed about that fish picture.)
One other notable feature: the fund’s founders won’t discuss why they’ve named it after an Italian wine. Which raises the hairs on the back of our neck. These guys are going to make the very name of their fund an inside joke, and they expect you to give them your money? We’re kind of worried that Solengo might also be the name of the best stripper in Calgary.
Trader Behind Amaranth Collapse Launches Fund Focusing on Commodities [Wall Street Journal]