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It’s My Mother, I’ll Put It on Speaker Phone

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Last week I told you that after reading Warren Buffett’s annual letter to his shareholders, I was kind of starting to sort of like the crazy old kook. Today, after little thought and practically no deliberation, I am proud to tell you that I have upgraded my previous sentiments to being Fatal Attraction-sociopath-stalker in love with him. Why, pray tell? Because Dubya B is the man behind the man responsible for this:

…the Geico Caveman…will be the star of a new ABC sitcom. That's right. Apparently someone over at ABC likes the caveman so much, they want three of them to humorously battle prejudice while living in Atlanta.
Joe Lawson, the Martin Agency copywriter behind the Geico campaign is on-board as a writer at least for the pilot which will even feature a Gieco spokesman. Now that's some serious brand integration.

Roast duck with the mango salsa, indeed.
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