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John Thain Loves Himself Some Good Car Bombs

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When we heard Diageo, owner of the Guinness brand, would be ringing the closing bell at the NYSE this afternoon, our initial reaction was, “Cute.” It’s cute that they’re doing it in honor of Carney’s favorite holiday and all that but when it comes down to it, it’s just a bell and they’re just ringing it. Nothing to freak out about; child’s play, really. Call us when you’ve branded an IV that will allow Carney to pump the nectar of the gods into his vein 24/7 is what we also said. But then! A friend at the exchange informed us that the Paddies are throwing a party! Finally! Duncan Niederauer’s found the appropriate venue in which to use his famous “Barefoot and Pregnant” joke.

(It goes without saying that all those attending are to send us pics, anecdotes, Breathalyzer test results, etc.)