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JS Spencer: "We'll Do Anything for a Fee"

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Ex-JPMorgan banker Dana Vachon's** much-anticipated and hysterically funny novel, Mergers & Acquisitions, comes out in three weeks. The backdrop is an investment bank called JS Spenser that now has its own website, which includes a page with business cards for several of the characters, some of whom may or may not have real-life counterparts at JPMorgan who shall remain nameless. For the moment. Guesses, however, may be delicately placed in the comment section where they will be reviewed by DealBreaker's Bess Levin, who will love, feed and take care of them until the book is out, when they will be displayed for all to see. In a friendly, non-litigable way, of course. (See especially, "Terence Mathers" and "Dewey Ananais.")
Vachon, who once managed to convert the US dollar into itself on a real estate deal, is far better at writing about bankers than he was at being one, so banking's loss is literature's gain. The book can be pre-ordered here.
** Obligatory Spiers disclosure: Vachon is one of my best friends. And the book is dedicated to me. And we have the same publisher. So there are really too many conflicts of interest to count. But funk it; If JPMorgan gossip isn't DealBreaker fodder, I don't know what is.