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Local Man Attends Hedge Fund Conference

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Apparently the “World Hedge Fund Forum” really did attract the kind of people Greenwich Time—the hometown paper of the hedge fund capital—calls “Hedge fund bigs” and “Hedge fund managers and executives.” And you can understand why. Spending the the Tuesday after the biggest plunge in US equity markets in years “listening to the state of their $1 trillion industry from top financial analysts” sounds fun, doesn’t it?
But you’d never know that there were actual hedge fund people there from the Greenwich Time story. The only two attendees quoted in the story are “Jonathan Nathanson, a wannabe hedge fund investor and real estate executive from Norwalk” and University of Connecticut-Stanford student Mike Bicknell, described as “graduating in May” and who says “he would like to go into the business of hedge funds.”
But we don’t want to be mean about it. It’s actually kind of cute.

Hedge fund bigs hit town
[Greenwich Time]