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Lunch: Now With Less Sex

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The New York Post reports another reason to eat lunch at your desk today:

An artist whose nude portraits have been displayed in galleries around the world has been busted and charged with managing a brothel in the Financial District that catered to wealthy Wall Streeters.
Manhattan Vice Squad cops on Wednesday arrested Mary Jane Winkler, 64, who for years ran a chic art gallery at 100 Greenwich St. that doubled as a one-stop sex shop for lunch-hour lotharios, police said.
"She was the madam," said one cop.

One of the busted prostitutes actually complains that the brothel was "unfairly targeted."

A massage with a happy ending cost about $200 an hour, Carvalho said.
For an extra $150, the girls would throw in straight or oral sex, police sources added.
"All the girls went to school. They were really nice and all lived normal lives," Carvalho said, adding it was the safest place she ever worked.
"Who cares what rich businessmen do with their money?" she said.

Wall Street 'Madam' Busted
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