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Making $, The Sykes Way

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    Original: is in the midst of running its Million Dollar Portfolio Challenge, which is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Since the gargantuan sum of one million dollars is at stake, the business news channel brought in a couple of experts to offer some advice on how best to play the game. As this wasn’t a segment for Closing Bell, Sandy Weill turned out to be unavailable for consultation but know who they did manage to wrangle over to Englewood Cliffs? That’s right, Timothy P. Sykes, founder of Cilantro Fund Partners and the original Wall Street Warrior! Plus some other guy (JJ Burns, JJ Burns & Company president), who wants you to know this contest is “all about the ‘mo,’ the ‘mo’ in ‘momentum’.” Really. Timmy counseled contestants to put all their money in one or two stocks, play the odds, and buy in front of the news. He also likes Six Flags, and speaking with inflections that might be best punctuated by kicking a piece of furniture, were one available, which it wasn't. No matter. Apparently Mr. Sykes did well enough that CNBC’s asked him to be an official commentator for the stock challenge, and will be appearing every Friday night for the next several weeks, making him, in some circles, a bit of a celebrity. Somewhere, Christian Slater just popped one of his last remaining blood vessels and he doesn’t even know why.
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