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Marc Rich’s Lawyer Convicted!

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If you’re anything like us, you may have forgotten that Scooter Libby has a connection to world of high finance. Too many bottles of Chateau Mouton-Rothschild will do that kind of thing to you. Someone called Libby was convicted yesterday for something involving the CIA, the Bush administration, Iraq and Robert Novak. Or something. We get that kind of news from the Daily Show. Everyone was talking about it at dinner last night, which we just took as an opportunity to drink more of the wine.
But this morning, as our hangovers cleared and we said farewell to our dinner companion, we started to remember the name Scooter.
He was the lawyer for Marc Rich. Along with his partner Pincus Green, Rich was convicted of tax-evasion and illegal trading with Iran after a successful career as commodities trader and real estate developer. And the prosecutor on the case was none other than a Wall Street mob-busting, Miken and Boesky convicting, US Attorney named Rudy Giuliani. (Who later turned around and wound up owning his own investment bank, recently sold for gazillions as he prepares to run for president.)
Green and Rich (the very names evoking envy and wealth) both fled to Switzerland prior to their conviction, of course. Rich and Green were later pardoned by President Clinton (while several lesser-known accomplices served out there sentences). From 1985 until the pardon, Scooter represented Rich.
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