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On The "Testicularity" of Equity Traders

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We've been gagging to use the word "testicularity" ever since we heard Mark Haines invent it on CNBC back in January. Finally, this week's market plunge gives us an excuse.
You see, our reporting on the reaction of a trader stunned by Tuesday's market plunge has attracted a lot of attention. Not the least from people who weren't trading equities on Tuesday who have a lot of conviction that people who were trading equity are, basically, spineless wimps. Well, they didn't quite say "spineless." It was another piece of anatomy that they alleged the equity traders were missing.
One correspondents—who we swear is not former Amaranth energy trader Brian Hunter—writes:

Stock traders are such pussies. Market dropped 4%? Natural gas traders work in a market that drops 20% in a day and rebounds likewise. They must be manly men, even the girls. None of them are, however, older than 32. There's got to be a reason for that. Sum: Equity trader - limpwrist. Energy trader: Volatility He-Man (or Her-Man).

And over on one of our longtime favorite finance blogs—Going Private—Ms. Equity Private remarks:

One would suppose- erroneously, it would now seem- that those on The Street were made of sterner stuff than this. The testicles on the famous bull are, after all, made of bronze last I checked- no? Perhaps, oh, anonymous aspirant to big swinging schmuck status, you better run out and get some duct-tape and plastic sheets for the imminent biological attack, too. I am certain, however, that once you recover from the shock, say, Friday afternoon or, perhaps, Monday morning, it might be a good time to go long on Anthrax remedies and buy those ethanol stocks "on the dip," right?

Drama Queens to the Floor, Please [Going Private]