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Portfolio Countdown: T-Minus 34 Days!

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In order to make a splash with its inaugural issue, Portfolio*--Conde Nast’s bid to remake the world of business magazines (by getting women to buy them)—has resorted to the oldest trick in publishing: using Tom Wolfe’s daughter to get Tom Wolfe to write something. Alexandra Wolfe, who we recall worked at the Observer for a while and maybe the Wall Street Journal—we used to kind of stalk her but lost track at some point—is writing for the front of the magazine and Papa Wolfe has 2,500 words on hedge funds.
This is actually good news. It might actually make us read Portfolio.
So what else does the first issue hold? Oh, that’s the other oldest trick: they’re keeping it top secret. Staffers have been ordered to keep quiet. But if you're deadly curious about what they aren't saying, this morning's New York Observer has all the non-details that the Portfolio-ists think you need to know.
We're always getting requests for more business media coverage, and we're more than willing to oblige. But we're also hoping you can help. Seen the first issue of Portfolio?
Had a fevered dream about it? Send your tips, fantasies or subscription cancellations to tips(at)dealbreaker(dot)com.
* The Department of Homeland Security has ordered us not to use that strange Flemish thing the magazine insists on substituting for the “f” in Portfolio.

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