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Portfolio: For Women?

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The Most Amazing Business Magazine Launch Ever draws nearer with each day. We're talking, of course, about the May launch of Conde Nast's new business title, Portfolio.* The big news today is that the new magazine's publisher, David Carey, has granted an interview to the press for the first time since becoming associated with the magazine.
So what does Media Week learn about the new magazine?
Well, while Conde Nast isn't officially labeling Portfolio a "women's business mag," Carey reiterates the point that they expect the readership to be approximately 40% female.

"Vogue's presence in fashion helps everyone sell fashion advertising, said Portfolio publisher David Carey. "We hope Portfolio, for certain types of b-to-b marketers, will extend to our other businesses as well."

This is something we've heard before, of course. But it's notable that they're sticking with that 40% number. Forty-percent women for a business magazine is on the higher-than-average side. DealBreaker, by comparison, is 82% male. And that comparison to Voguemakes us feel a little bit nervous.
As we wrote last July:

Personally, we're a bit skeptical about the biz-mag-for-women strategy, as (A) we're the target demo, and (B) we're pretty sure that what we want out of a biz mag is nearly identical to what our male counterpoints want: information about who's making lots of money, what they did to make it, whether it was illegal/dangerous/morally corrupt/otherwise interesting, whether we can do the same thing, how they're spending the money they made and what kind of power the money they made affords them, who they're sleeping with and whether or not any of the preceding factors affect who they're sleeping with. (Is that everything? Yeah, we think so.)
Frankly, we'd just like to see a better business mag on the market, period. We don't care if the articles are written from a woman's point of view because we're pretty sure assessments of Larry Ellison's narcissism, the secondary market for G-Vs and oil at $70 a barrel are gender-agnostic. (Ron Perelman's bi-annual divorces? Okay, we'll give you that one.) A very occasional article on work/life balance would be nice if we thought much about work-life balance while looking for business news, but we don't. When we do want articles about balance, we want them from lifestyle publications, not business magazines. But then we secretly suspect Portfolio** will be mostly a lifestyle magazine anyway, so it may not matter.

Subscribers of the yet-to-be-published magazine this week receive a preview edition. Maybe somebody in the DealBreaker HQ building will receive a copy we can steal.
* We just can't. Be. Bothered. To add that little Dutch currency symbol they inexplicably substitute for the "f."
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