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Q&A with Dana Cimilluca

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The Wall Street Journal debuted its M&A blog last week, the cleverly named Deal Journal and, as the most important finance blog that ever lived, we felt it our duty to take the baby duckling under our wing. What we’re saying is—we got it wasted. Rip-roaringly drunk. Pissed. Hammered. It was glorious, for everyone involved. But then we realized the only people who’d gotten anything out of a night that didn’t end with us being short a left shoe on a ferry bound for Staten Island were us and the duck. And we wanted to do something for you, too, so, we put together a small primer of sorts, a bit of an introduction, if you will, to DJ and its mouthpiece, editor Dana Cimilluca. If answers to questions are any way of judging a blog by its person, Deal Journal looks like it’ll prove to be a good time for everyone. And though we did ask for a response to the prompt, “Please relate the TXU buyout to the last scene in A History of Violence when Viggo's daughter invites him to sit down to dinner and thus rejoin the family,” to which Mr. Cimilluca feigned ignorance, offering “Man, I have no memory of that. Need to see it again,” we don’t think you should hold it against him. The weasel.
Who is going to be your gravitas writer?
Dennis [K. Berman, WSJ columnist and reporter] and I feel we can write about deals with plenty of authority, and we'll have assistance from WSJ staff around the world. As far as gravitas goes, we'll try not to get too carried away with it.
Interstate Love Song by the Stone Temple Pilots-- great song or greatest song?
Interstate Love Song by the Stone Temple Pilots: definitely neither great nor greatest.
The Journal's a great publication but are you just planning on riding on daddy's coattails?
No, we don't plan to ride daddy's coattails; we actually plan on riding Dealbreaker's, so please keep mentioning us in your posts.
How did the reformatting of the Journal to a considerably slimmer width affect you, if at all?
We think that by making the paper more readable and accessible, the redesign will draw more readers to all parts of the Dow Jones empire, including the (free) deals page (
Will you be reviewing former JP Morgan analyst Dana Vachon's upcoming novel, Mergers and Acquisitions?
Since I feel an affinity with all other male Danas, I certainly will read his book and in all likelihood write about it too.
Do you feel pressure to compete with the Mergers and Acquisitions section of Dealbook? They do some nice stuff over there. If you and Andrew Ross Sorkin met in a dark alley on the Lower East Side, what would be the outcome?
We might share a cab and let him expense it.