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Rapacious Banks Can’t Get Enough o’ the B-Schoolers, Who Wonder When People Started Buying that B-School’s More Than Just 2 Additional Years of Getting High

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We kid, of course. Some of our best friends are in b-school! (But only because their parents told them they had to get a graduate degree, and law school’s just so insufferably long.) Regardless of its merits, there's good news: you might actually make some money out of this racket!

Salaries and signing bonuses for newly minted MBAs nationwide were the highest last year since the data have been tracked, said Bob Ludwig, a spokesman for the Graduate Management Admission Council in McLean, Virginia. The average salary was $92,360 and the signing bonus was $17,603.
Competition for MBAs from banks such as New York-based Citigroup Inc. and Goldman Sachs Group Inc. may push starting- pay packages above last year, when graduates averaged a record $186,174 in total compensation at Harvard Business School and $183,000 at Stanford University's Graduate School of Business.
``I see the demand just going through the roof for this kind of talent,'' said Paul Danos, dean of Dartmouth's Tuck school in Hanover, New Hampshire. His MBA program ranks ninth in the world, according to the Financial Times 2007 ratings.
Recruiting grew so intense at the University of Pennsylvania's Wharton School that some companies were holding 10 to 15 events each over two months, said Michelle Antonio, director of the career management office.

And if they’re not exactly banging down your door, you can still bank on your degree making you and your bride-to-be a practical shoo-in for one of those highly coveted wedding announcement in Sunday Styles. 6-1, half a dozen to the other.
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