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Richest Man In Mexico Hating On Gates, Buffett and Santa Claus

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It's a sad state of affairs when you have to go all the way to Mexico to find an unapologetic, Ayn Rand, Gordon Gekko style wealthy capitalist to pronounce anathema on charity and sing the praises of making money and building business. But that's where we are. Our guys—Bill Gates and Warren Buffett—are all about giving it away. Carlos Slim? Not a chance.
From the pages of the New York Post Paul Thorp reports:

Carlos Slim, the Mexican tycoon just a hair from being the world's richest man, scoffed yesterday at Bill Gates and Warren Buffett for "playing Santa Claus" to cure poverty's ills.
Slim climbed on his meanie soapbox just days after his $49 billion fortune was ranked by Forbes as the third-richest behind that No. 1 Gates and No. 2 Buffett - only a few billion shy from eclipsing them both.
"Poverty isn't solved with donations," he said at the unveiling of his own health care initiative. Slim continued that building good businesses do more for society than "going around like Santa Claus."

Slim: Smart Biz Beats Charity
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