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Ringing The Bell With The Black Stuff

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One of the things about having a job is that it interferes with drinking. Tonight we're scheduled to be on CNBC's "On The Money"--more on that later--which means we're going to have to adjust our plans to start celebrating Saint Patrick's at lunch time today. But the word that the owner of the Guinness brand, Diageo, is going to ring the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange is hardly helping to sate our thirst.
Our favorite fable about Guinness is told in the Dropkick Murphy's song "The Good Rats" (video below).
We'll let Mike Millard of the Boston Phoenixgive us the details:

Back in the eighteenth century days of Arthur Guinness himself, some workers at Saint James’s Gate emptied the vats for a routine maintenance and found a few dead rats, bloated and satisfied, at the bottom. So they cleaned and sterilized the vats, then brewed a new batch. But when the new stuff got into the pubs, people weren’t satisfied. It didn’t taste the same. Something was lacking. So, the rumor goes, subsequent batches of were brewed with a bit of meat thrown in to give it that extra something.

Not a word of it is true, according to Guinness and Diageo. But they would say that, wouldn't they?