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Rupert Murdoch Is Hooking You Up With The Honeys

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We’re not sure what story is making this a better morning.
First off, we have this story report in Market Beat that the number News Corp supplied to shareholders on their proxy statement for solicitation agent Georgeson Inc. was actually the number for some sort of call girl or phone sex agency. Shareholders calling the number got an automated woman’s voice directing them to another number where they could “get together with exciting people everywhere,” Market Beat says. The second number was answered by a woman saying “Hey, sexy guy” and led to callers being asked for credit card numbers so they could chat with “working girls.”
Second, there’s the part of the story where News Corp makes this mistake twice, on both its preliminary proxy filed February 5 and its definitive statement on March 1.
Third, there’s this: no-one has asked News Corp about this screw-up until now. Apparently, News Corp shareholders are either really, really horny. Or maybe it’s just that no one ever calls proxy solicitation agents.
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