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Russia: Now With Even Less Freedom!

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This is not good.

The editor in chief of the Russian edition of Forbes magazine was found guilty of defamation Wednesday in a dispute over an article about a business run by the wife of the mayor of Moscow.
In a legal interpretation that is likely to further chill journalism in Russia, a city court in Moscow ruled against the editor, Maksim V. Kashulinsky, not for the contents of the article, but for commenting publicly on the controversy surrounding its publication.
Mr. Kashulinsky had said in a radio interview before the article was published that Inteko — a company controlled by Yelena N. Baturina, the wife of the mayor of Moscow, Yuri M. Luzhkov — had tried to block publication of the article, and that in doing so the company had violated Russian law.

Editor of Russian Edition of Forbes Guilty of Defamation
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