So Hsu Me, With A Side of Impossible Being The Opposite of Possible


Let’s revisit the Hedge Fundagogo™ case we discussed yesterday and two seconds ago for a minute. Before founding fund of hedge funds Anchor Point Capital and taking to the internets with a vigor that would make even Drudge say, “Whoa, buddy, chill out for a sec, you’re going to give yourself a hernia,” he was the U.S. investment officer for The Atlantic Philanthropies, where he oversaw hedge fund investments representing half of the foundation’s $1.8 billion multi-strategy hedge fund portfolio in 40+ funds. Know who, among others, worked for him while he was there? Aleksey Vayner. Yes, for those of you in the cheap seats, we’re referring to Aleksey Vayner, of video-dance-like-nobody’s-watching-resume fame, who can also lift a 495-pound weight and knock a tennis ball across a court at 140 miles an hour.
So! Are we saying hedge funds are a regular breeding ground for batshit crazy sociopaths? No. That would be libel. But we’re not saying hedge funds aren’t a regular breeding ground for batshit crazy sociopaths. You do the math.