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Solengo Seeks Court Order To Strip DealBreaker Of Brochure

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Lawyers for the hedge fund Solengo Capital say they will seek a court order barring DealBreaker from including its marketing brochure in our reporting. DealBreaker learned that Solengo will seek the order a few minutes ago when a a lawyer from Kobre Kim, which represents Solengo, called our Soho headquarters.
Solengo claims, through its lawyers, that DealBreaker’s coverage of the marketing materials infringes on the hedge fund’s copyright. DealBreaker believes that its use of the materials for news reporting purposes is protected as “fair use” under the copyright laws.
Solengo’s lawyers told DealBreaker they will seek a temporary restraining order against John Carney, Bess Levin, Elizabeth Spiers and “persons unknown” to prevent the continued publication of the brochure on the website.
Solengo Capital is a hedge fund started by traders from the collapsed Amaranth Advisors. It has reportedly been seeking capital from investors. Last night on CNBC’s “On The Money,” Charlie Gasparino said that he had heard much of the initial capital was coming from Saudis. The Solengo traders specialize in commodities, and are headlined by Brian Hunter, the energy trader whose bets on natural gas futures reportedly brought down Amaranth.
DealBreaker included the marketing materials as part of its reporting on the launch of the new fund. The quick return to the hedge fund world by traders associated with Amaranth has provoked interest and controversy. A combination of secretive habits and SEC rules intended to protect the public from predatory practices has meant that the public rarely gets to see the materials hedge funds use to promote themselves to their wealthy investors. The appearance of the brochure on DealBreaker’s website may be the first time many in the public have had a first-hand glimpse at the fund raising activities of a hedge fund.
A call to Solengo’s attorneys seeking further clarification went unreturned at the time of this posting.
This is officially getting exciting!
Update: Here is a link to the famed Solegno marketing brochure.

We received a call from Kobre & Kim, Solegno's attorneys, demanding one last time that we remove the brochure. We once again declined. They informed us that they intend to seek the temporary restraining order this afternoon.

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