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Some of Us Will Be Sleeping Where Lincoln Slept and Some of Us Won’t Be

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Notables from the Street have finally made their picks and we don’t mean for the upcoming NCAA Tournament though we’ll get to that later in the show. Right now we’re talking about picks for Pres. ’08 from the people who matter (read: the people cutting checks, which apparently doesn’t include me because I’ve already topped out my annual charitable contributions with a $20 nod to Amherst earlier this year and is also just kind of moot because I'm not a U.S. citizen).
In the Obama corner we’ve got Papa Bear Soros, former Citi exec and Harvard Law chum Michael Froman, small-time hedgie Orin Kramer, Citi I-banker Ray McGuire, Baby Bear John Soros, UBS COO Robert Wolf, PE manager James Rubin, and “Wall Street whiz-kid” Eric Mindich, among others.
Shilling for Friends of BillHill are former UBS Americas vice chair Blair Effron, Hassan Nemazee, venture capitalist Steve Rattner and his wife, former DNC finance chair Maureen White, “aerospace mogul” Bernard Schwartz, Lisa Perry, Stanley Shuman.
Placing bets with Edwards’s bookie are Goldman Sachs general counsel Bob Katz, Goldman MD George Wellde, Deutsche Bank Securities vice chairman Richard Thaler, etc, etc, etc.
Dodd: former Goldman partner and (Bill) Clinton crony Ken Brody, Bear Stearns vice chair Tom Flexner.
Dennis Kucinich: doesn’t want your blood money. (“Dennis is not going to be involved with bundlers,” said Sharon Jimenez, a campaign spokeswoman. “Dennis wants to raise $50 million, but he wants to do it through having a million people give him $50.”)
John "formerly straightalk express" McCain: NYSE CEO John “There will be no SEC investigation into Glitch Tuesday. Why, what have you heard?” Thain, CSFB MD Patrick Durkin, “longtime consigliore to corporate raider Ron Perelman” Howard Gittis, JP Morgan Chase vice chair James B. Lee, and some guy named Henry Kravis.
The list of people lining Giuliani’s pockets reads like a Who’s Who Of Used To Be Somebody In Finance, including Mel Immergut, T. Boone Pickens, hedge fund mogul Paul Singer, Giuliani Partners managing director Dennis Young and former NYSE director (and Home Depot co-founder!) Kenneth Langone.
Bill PaxtonMitt Romney’s supporters are among those willing to see past his Mormonism in favor of his more positive qualities, namely, his fiscal conservatism. They are: JP Morgan chair William Harrison Jr, JP Morgan banker Rick Lazio, executive committee member at Lehman Brothers Stephen Lessing, Tiger Management founder Julian Robertson, and “hedge fund wizard” Stanley Druckenmiller.
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