Stock Scamming With The Clergy

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We were always taught that if you want to manipulate a stock price, you do it the old-fashioned way: improve the operating performance of your company. A man who calls himself “The Bishop,” however, sees such tactics as those of amateurs, bludgeoning the craft. The Bishop, according to investigators, is responsible for sending at least six “threatening letters” to financial institutions over the past year and half, and two dud pipe bombs to Kansas City and Chicago in January.
In the epistles, The Bishop, or Mr. Bishop, demands that “the financial companies move the prices of certain stocks to certain levels, often $6.66—an apparent reference to the Antichrist,” according to corporate counterterrorism expert Fred Burton, who’s been hired by the financial companies that have been targeted. Burton also noted that the pipe bombs “were assembled with crucial components deliberately left out, in what was probably a warning,” but that “next time, the bombs could be real.”
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