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Stop Being So Slutty At Work (Or Stop Being So Worky)

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Remember when warned you to stay away from marrying a career women? Well, it seems they’ve now decided to rectify this error against sexual egalitarianism—by advising women how to avoid paying too much attention to their careers.
That may not be the explicit theme of the series of articles is running under the headline Life-Work balance. But look at the evidence: the series is edited by two guys, and all but one of the articles is written by women. Even more: most the people quoted in the articles seem to be women. (We’ll admit, we only skimmed them and then sent them to Bess.) You get the point: chicks explaining why they don't work much to their male bosses.
The most unfortunate thing about the series, however, is not the part about putting women back in the kitchen. It’s that the article on “How to Say ‘No’” is not about how to be less slutty in the office. Because Lord knows we need to read something like that around DealBreaker. Fast.
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