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'Suddenly, the humble bucket has become a trendy fixture of corporate boardrooms and PowerPoint presentations. It is pushing aside other business-speak for describing categories or organizational units, such as silo and basket.'

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Hey, psst. Over here. Yeah, you, in the blue shirt. You wanna be cool, kid? You want to all your little trader friends at Citi to think you’re the guy with the 411? You want to have the 85 Broads at your beck and call? You want the street cred to be able to pull off having “grave dancer” tattooed on your lower back? You want to roll up to the Exchange and have John Thain valet park your car? Does that sounds like something you’d be interested? I’ve got one word for you kid: bucket. Use it. Don’t tell anyone I told you, just start slipping it in, let it disseminate in the board rooms, let it seep in through osmosis on conference calls, use it with the beautiful babies at Marquee. Not 'silo,' not 'trunk,' not 'basket,' which conjures an image of someone picking flowers in a field. Bucket. Why? Because fuck you, that’s why. Jeez, I’m trying to help you kid and you want know why? Who is this kid, Bobby? 'Why?' this kid wants to know. No more questions, this consultation is over. Yeah, yeah, I get it you���re sorry, just don’t fuck this up. Bucket—I’m telling you. Now, you wanna get high?
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