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Thanks for the Memories: Aleksey Vayner!

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Finally we come to the man who needs no introduction, Aleksey Vayner. We discovered Aleksey when his resume reached our desks, and on its second page there was a web address for his personal website. That led to his video resume, which was one of the most amazing things we had ever seen.
It had the vague feeling of a bad infomercial. The fake interview format. The cutaways to demonstrative videos of Aleksey skiing, dancing, lifting weights, playing tennis and using his ninja powers to break bricks like he was Vice Chancellor Leo Strine. The completely straight forward way it used motivational speaking clichés as if they were part of an actual human dialect. The bad lighting.
The video was so good—by which we mean awful—that we thought we were being set-up. The guy was at Yale, where the publish the Rumpus. Maybe this was some sort of smart-alec ivy-league prank. Was some clever kid inside Calhoun hall rocking back in his dorm room, waiting for the world to take his bait.
But it was all too real. Very soon the video was everywhere, and Aleksey Vayner was everywhere as well. Newspapers tracked him down, and he went into hiding somewhere in an area of Manhattan called “uptown.” As far as we can tell, he’s never been heard from again.
We wouldn’t have had the same year without you Aleksey. Whenever we raise a glass and think about DealBreaker’s first year pounding the pavement keyboard, we’ll raise it a bit higher because of you. Thanks man.
And a big cheers to Warren and Lucy, too. And to all the other stories that made this such a fun and wild first year. May there be many more to come, years and stories.
And another thanks to you, our readers. This was all made possible because of you—literally, you guys sent us most of what we used. So thanks. Really. Keep it coming. Tips(at)dealbreaker(dot)com. And keep reading, commenting and making money. It’s what makes our world go around.
After the jump we bring you the original Aleksey Vayner video: Imposible Is Nothing.
Here is the link to our first ever Aleksey Vayner post. And here is our entire Aleksey Vayner archive.

[And one more note: there's still so much we couldn't get to today that we're extending our birthday through tomorrow! All weekend, in fact. It's a DealBreaker birthday extravaganza!]