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Thanks for the Memories: Warren Buffett!

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Warren Buffett is probably the most beloved figure in American finance. He is adored by his shareholders, and the annual statements of his company are read like they came from a burning bush with a better sense of humor. The shareholders meeting in Omaha is Woodstock for the financially conservative. And, as we discovered when we started picking on him, his fans lash out at his detractors like members of some cult who are defending their sacred idol.
Which gave us an idea.
Warren Buffett has often used the phrase “there are many ways of getting to heaven” to refer to the idea that there are lots of paths to success. At some point he decided to refer to his decision to donate most of his fortune to a charity founded by his friend Bill Gates as one of the ways of getting into heaven.
So we decided to take him literally. We interviewed a Catholic theologian and a Baptist minister about the various ways of getting in to heaven…sorry, Heaven…and asked whether Buffett had discovered one in the charities of Gates. The answer was not a happy one for the soul of the revered Mr. Buffett.
But what really surprised us was that the Oracle of Omaha responded. He wrote a letter to our Catholic theologian explaining that we had him all wrong. After the jump you can check out Warren Buffett’s letter about why he may not be going to Hell after all.

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