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That Cranium On Giovanni Ribisi's Body Just Looked Too Bobble-Headish

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This was probably inevitable. With the explosion of Wall Street books and press and public interest focused on insider trading, bonus-eating Wall Streeters and backdating corporate executives, we were way overdue for another movie about the villainy of finance. When was the last one of these we saw? Could it really be "Boiler Room?" ("American Psycho" came out the same year but doesn't count. It was so retro it felt like it was made in the 80s).
The word from Page Six is that Leo, Marty and company are making "The Wolf of Wall Street"--a film about "a penny stock trader whose Stratton Oakmont group pulled off 'pump and dump' schemes, in which fast-talking 'boilerroom' brokers ran up the prices of shares with fraudulent phone pitches," Page Six says.
Also, we're pretty sure the renewed Hollywood interest in making a good morality tale about Wall Street greed has nothing at all to do with the hedge funds that have started ruffling feathers over there.
--John Carney
--Photo credit: Bess Levin
--Ruining visual joke with overwritten blog item: Priceless