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The Haves and the Have-Yachts: British Banker Bonus Excess

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The official anecdotal reports are in, and as it turns out British bankers appear to be spending their boom year bonuses just as frivolously as their American counterparts.
A few examples from the Washington Post's big write-up of the 'Brit-erati' (liberally excerpted with all the boring parts stripped away):

Mark Alexiou, owner of trendy Mayfair nightclub Pangaea, said a banker customer recently tried to pay the $36,000 check for an evening of cocktails with his credit card. When the bank authorization wouldn't come through, one of the man's buddies stepped in and put the bill on his card, as casually as he might order another dish of cashews.
"Life is pretty, all right," said Tayo Awagboro, 24, a derivatives trader who dropped a relatively modest $1,400 on champagne and vodka at Pangaea one recent Saturday night. Awagboro, who recently moved to London from Nigeria, said London's financiers "work hard but play hard, too."

At One Hyde Park, a luxury apartment complex that the British media have dubbed the world's most expensive address, the cheap apartments are going for $40 million and the penthouses are expected to fetch more than $100 million each.
Lawrie Inman, 25, a futures trader, said he made $1.4 million in one particularly good hour last year.
"I realize how lucky I am; I can take a really nice holiday or buy a Porsche," said Inman, who does drive a Porsche 911 and wears jeans and a T-shirt to work.

One hundred million dollar apartments? Thirty-six thousand bucks for table service at a nightclub? It's like New York City only stupider.
Oh, and apparently they like to call themselves "the haves and the have yachts." Which pretty much means you can call them douchebags.
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