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The Washington Hustle: Shaking Down Wall Street From Capitol Hill

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Robert Novak reports in The Evans-Novak political report this week that new Banking Committee chairman Chris Dodd is seeking to shakedown raise money from the Wall Street elite.

The long-shot Democratic presidential campaign by Sen. Chris Dodd (Conn.), the new Banking Committee chairman, solicited banking industry executives and lobbyists for a fund-raising reception last week at Washington's luxurious Madison Hotel. Invitations went to Democrats and Republicans alike, including several who had never met and who had never contributed to Dodd, but the invitations still went out addressing the lobbyists by their first names. It was an effort by Melanie Wong, an experienced Democratic fund-raiser, to find individual fund-raisers in the community Dodd will be overseeing as chairman. A "Team of 46" will consist of supporters who pledge to raise $46,000 for Dodd.

A politician looking for a handout from interesting parties isn’t really something we’d call “news.” It’s what we’d call “democracy.” But what always does surprise us—and we guess that kind of makes it news—is how cheap it is to buy the ear of the Senator—just $46,000. Act now!
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