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This, Of Course, Assumes That Lay Is Dead, An Assertion We Continue To Contend, But It's For Charity, So What The Hey

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Ikea just isn’t what it used to be, you know? Once a cool, hip, Swedey design company, it’s basically devolved into just a run of the mill furniture store whose difficulty to get to is rivaled only by the fact that it charges over a hundred dollars to deliver something worth less than forty, playing on the fact that some of us out there can’t fathom carrying a table up five flights of steps. But there’s hope yet! Saving Animals Across Borders is auctioning off the desks of former Enron employees Ken Lay, Jeffrey Skilling and Richard Kinder! Each one has a minimum bid of $25,000 and is made with “an elegant Makore Pommelle veneer,” to say nothing of the vintage edition copies of “Heart of Darkness” and “How To Win Friends and Influence People” (for those saracstic afternoons) in each top drawer. Personally, we’re saving our money for the shredder auction, but you should feel free to bid on these pieces of history today—you've got ‘til Sunday!

Ken Lay's desk goes up for grabs
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