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Tim Sykes Trades, Writes, Splits Airtime With John Carney

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It’s been a whopping four days since we’ve mentioned Tim Sykes and it goes without saying that everyone’s jonesing for a hit. So we shot an email over to INHD’s biggest star to ask what was a poppin’ and his reply was a curt, “Not much.” This dismissive email obviously got our blood boiling and were about to respond with, “We will destroy you,”—reality factors little into our day to day lives, delusion highly—when Timmy fired a longer, more acceptable missive into our box.
“Sorry,” he wrote, “I was just editing my Wikipedia page. Anyway, get your DVR ready, I’m on CNBC tonight for an entire hour this time, discussing my picks with their celebrity guest Willie Garson…Also check out my new site:
I have all my dealbreaker articles up there and I put my entire financial library on the site so people would stop asking me what books to read. I think I should also probably start selling Timmayy! t-shirts.”
First of all—probably? The word is “definitely,” Timmy, and you know that just as well as we do. Secondly: Do you people comprehend the tide-shifting event that’s about to occur in T-8 hours? Tim Sykes and John Carney: on CNBC at the same time. Just the other day we were remarking, “We don’t want to live in a world in which television shows featuring Hedge Fund Guru Tim Sykes and John Carney, Esq. don’t exist” and, tada! DVR-worthy, indeed. It goes without saying that we’ll be doing a recap of the whole thing on Monday with Celeb Trader/Commentator/Arch-nemesis Stephen Collins. (Something about keeping your enemies closer…and bringing the Dealbreaker community one step closer to Jessica Biel, who apparently has a rather impressive portfolio).
Also, Tim recommends that you read Jim Cramer’s You Got Screwed!, and shares that he is “currently working on a book that promises to enlighten the world about the greatly misunderstood hedge fund industry.” We don't remember asking for a tell-all Re: Stevie Cohen's turbulent and all too brief tenure as a member of Hell's Angels but, apparently, we're going to get it. Excerpts TK.
(Apropos, a bit of housekeeping: INHD is currently casting season 2. Interested? Get in touch with us, we'll get you in touch with them, and in a few short months, you could following in the footsteps of this guy. Once in a lifetime opportunity, as they say.)