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WallStrip Chick Held At Gun Point...By Jack Bauer

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Important Update:We imagined it all, apparently! Lindsay finally got back to us and denied everything.
Last night's episode of Fox's "24" featured our favorite bikini clad financial video blogger all suited-up as a Russian consulate employee who got held at gun-point by CTU agent Jack Bauer. Her lines are pretty much confined to repeating "no" a couple of times but unlike seemingly everyone else in the embassy, our girl Lindsay makes it out of the consulate more or less untouched.
We're eagerly hunting down a clip of Lindsay Campbell's primetime spot. Or a comment from Lindsay herself. (She's famous now, and probably doesn't get up before the market closes each day.) For now you'll have to be content with her Hallmark commercial. She plays an overworked corporate lawyer or investment banker taking a cab home late at night. The city passes by outside her windows and the driver asks all sorts of personal questions. You've been there. You know exactly what it's like. And the commercial does a great job of capturing it. Right up until the end, of course. That's when it gets all, well, Hallmark on us.