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What I Learned At The M&A Conference: Brickbreaker Makes Even Lawyers Tolerable

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We didn’t send anyone down to the big M&A lawyers confab down in New Orleans, unlike both Deal Journal and DealBook. We’re not really the conference going types, to be honest. Even throwing it in New Orleans isn’t enough to tempt us.
But we’re glad to see that it’s going just about how we thought it would go: lots of people gathered in hotel conference rooms nodding their heads while tapping away on their blackberries—because they are playing brickbreaker.
By the way, we here Delaware’s Vice Chancellor Strine is the bomb at brickbreaker.* The guy breaks bricks like Steve Wynn breaks art: without even looking.
* Note: Two points. First, Vice Chancellor Strine is a judge in Delaware. Totally important in corporate law. And never, ever point out that his name sounds totally like a bad guy from Star Wars. Sith Lord, not he is. Second, we totally made up the brickbreaker thing about him. He just looks like a brickbreaker guy.

So, Are They Tapping Away at Emails — Or BrickBreaker?
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