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Who Are You, Anyway? DealBreaker Wants You To Just Talk With Us

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Judging by our emails and comments, our readership breaks down into a few discrete categories:
•Men who love Bess Levin
•Men who miss Muffie
•Several real-live women
•People who work in finance (including a few women)
•People who like to make fun of people who work in finance (not necessarily different from immediately above).
•People tired of reading about backdating, planespotting and status porn.
•People personally offended by typographic errors.
But we could be wrong.
As much as we normally try to avoid any direct interaction with actual data, we’d like to know who is really out there. So we'd greatly appreciate it if you'd take a few seconds to fill out this (anonymous) survey. At the end you’ll have the opportunity to leave us comments, suggestions and/or hate mail.

Take the survey here