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Write 'The Economist' for 'The Economist'

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Never let it be said that The Economist doesn’t enjoy taking people for a ride. In that vein, the publication would like let you know about a special little deal they’ve got going on. “In a nutshell,” they write, the ‘Mist has hired a “small team of employees,” put them in a room, and said, “go on: mental masturbate to your heart’s content come up with whatever you want, even something entirely unrelated to The Economist Group—as long as it is innovative and online.”
Now they’re not saying they’ve spent all this time getting high and not coming up with anything—in fact, they tell us that the think tank “already has some ideas, of course.” But they want more, and they want you to come up with them for them. Since they’re champions of free markets and everything, and “abhor the concept of a closed system.” That’s why you should submit an idea by March 25 that is “as simple or complex as you like…a product, a service or a business model.” Whatever, really!
If your “idea” is accepted, it immediately becomes the property of The Economist Group in every way, shape and form you can think of (or not think of), including movie rights, video games, and Second Life distribution. What’s in it for you? As a “small token of [The Economist’s] appreciation” you and yours (actually, just you) will receive a free six-month gift subscription to Not the actual magazine, of course, as that would be embarrassingly too generous.
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